Turning Interest Into Action

Established in 2015, the QC Royals are a tight-knit supporter’s group for Charlotte soccer. We focus on creating an environment that values fun, camaraderie, hospitality, and community involvement.
We invite friendship with all who share our values and reserve membership on an invitational basis. We have no member dues and only ask that those who join maintain active participation within the group and community.
Find us at an event or reach out on Twitter or using the form below if you’re interested in joining us.



We're all in this together


We’re here, because

We’re here, because

We’re here, because we’re here

The universe is chaotic. The reasons each of us find ourselves in our unique station in life often defies any explanation. How we have all found ourselves to live where we do and support our specific teams is seemingly random. Where there is uncertainty in the chaos, there is also hope. “We’re here, because we’re here” is a statement of the hope and unity that can be found within the uncertainty. This is best explained by the writer John Green: 

“It became a statement that we are here--meaning that we are together, and not alone. And it’s also a statement that we are, that we exist, and it’s a statement that we are here, that a series of astonishing unlikelihoods has made us possible and here possible. We might never know why we are here, but we can still proclaim in hope that we are here. I don’t think such hope is foolish or idealistic or misguided. I believe that hope is, for lack of a better word, true.”

Charlotte is a young city with an unlimited potential. We attract new citizens from all over the world who add their talents and cultures to our ever evolving community. Even though our rise as a major US city has been recent, and our MLS team has arrived thanks to a billionaire, we are here and we are together. 

We’re Here because we found work.

We’re Here because we found love.

We’re Here because we wanted a city to call home.

We’re Here because we were born here.

We’re Here because we’re here.



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